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The owner chooses and we contact the ‘winner’ directly via email and text

Move in

Viewing and agreement on the lease contract, and the rental is yours

The housing market is chaotic

And wanamove wants to help you and the landlord.

Fee, 40, - DKK, is never lost

No committing subscriptions. You are searching for free, and only pay when you apply.

Each application gives BoligPoints

wanamove records all your applications and BoligPoints. You are kept informed.

Waiting List (Venteliste)

The more points, the higher on the list, and the closer to an apartment.

Housing within 6 months

The top10 list will very likely be offered housing within about 6 months

The search process

Closed by a final lease, typically 3-4 weeks after the application period.

Landlord Contact

wanamove provides the contact to the landlord, who alone makes the final choice.

Insurance – your safety

wanamove is insured and protects your deposits and prepaid rent.

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FAQ & Contact

wanamove very often get the same questions, so it is very likely you can find your answers below.



  • Who are wanamove?

    wanamove is established by some property owners who do not find the many current providers of rental accommodations serious and reasonable. Facing those desperately seeking housing, many providers requires expensive, fixed subscriptions, often without being able to offer a product that matches the wishes of location, size or price range. Opposite the landlord, current providers are profiting from the owners 'values' without any compensation. wanamove confronts this as the future tenant only pays to apply for properties of interest, and a portion of the management fee goes to the landlord to cover costs related to tenant changes.

  • How do I get in touch with wanamove?

    As home seekers you can only contact wanamove via the form below. We have great experience in conveying rental housing, and if you could contact wanamove otherwise, it would require all our time to answer inquiries. We hope and believe that you will understand this.

  • How do I contact the landlord?

    You do not have the opportunity to contact the landlord. The landlord remains anonymous until there is an offer of a lease.

Reply to application

  • Why have I not heard from wanamove?

    If you have applied for an apartment, but have not heard from us, it is because the landlord has not yet chosen a tenant, and / or have not yet signed the lease and / or the lucky one has not paid the deposit. It will typically take 4 weeks after the deadline expires.

  • When do I get a response?

    If the landlord chooses you as the future tenant, it will typically take 2 weeks after the application deadline. wanamove will then contact you via email and a text message, to determine the subsequent progress. If the landlord has not chosen you, you will be notified by email when the rental agreement is signed and deposit is paid. NB. No news is not bad news, but the chance of getting the apartment is not high.

Lease agreement

  • Can I inspect the apartment?

    It’s not possible to inspect the apartment unless the landlord offers you a lease agreement

  • Where can I see the address?

    wanamove asks the landlord to describe the apartment, neighborhood, etc. in as much detail as possible. But the address remains anonymous in the interest of the landlord, and the residents on the property.

  • Who draws up the lease agreement?

    The landlord is responsible for drawing up a lease agreement.

  • How do I pay the landlord?

    In connection with the lease agreement being signed, a deposit is paid to wanamoves client account. Prior to the key being handed over, any prepaid rent must be deposited into wanamoves client account. When the key is handed over, the deposit and any prepaid rent is transferred to the landlord's account, with a receipt to the tenant and landlord. wanamoves client account is insured by WillisTowerWatson.

  • What can the landlord read about me?

    The landlord will be presented with a list of all the applications, sorted by number of BoligPoints, date of application and then alphabetically. The list contains the specific information the landlord wants, such as: name, sex, age, number of residents in the apartment, employment.

  • If I’m offered an apartment?

    When the landlord has chosen, there will be an opportunity for a show of the apartment, so the applicant can evaluate the property and the landlord can assess the applicant. If the landlord and the property seekers agree a lease is made. Both parties have the option to say no.


  • How do I see my earned BoligPoints?

    You will always see the status of your BoligPoints in the login window, and how high you rank on the venteliste, e.g. 'You have 80 BoligPoints. You are in the Top 50 on the venteliste '.

  • For how long are my BoligPoints valid?

    You never loose your BoligPoints. However, this is a truth with modifications, it requires that you log in at least once within 12 months. Profiles, which have not been active for 12 months, will be closed for the sake of optimization of our database.


  • How can I see where I’m ranked on the venteliste?

    You can always see your status on the venteliste and how many BoligPoints you have in the login window, e.g. 'You have 80 BoligPoints. You are in the Top 50 on the venteliste '.

  • What does the venteliste look like?

    The venteliste for a given residence consists of all who have BoligPoints in wanamove, and actively seeking the property. It is not a physical list, but our database. When you are looking for a home, parts of your data, which we present the landlord, are transferred to a physical list forwarded so the landlord can choose.


  • How do I open a profile?

    In a list of apartments you choose the apartment that you would like to apply for. In the middle of the page, you can activate [Purchase]. If you are not logged in, you will be asked to do so, or to register as a user, at [Create user]. Then follow the instructions

  • How do I change my profile?

    On the homepage, in the login window, select My Information, and a new screen appears in which you can edit your master data

  • Why connect a company to my profile?

    Some landlords attaches importance to, that the tenant is a business. Do you have the ability to link a company with active Danish for a lease, we would recommend this in your profile.

  • How do I deactivate my profile?

    If you deactivate your profile, you loose your BoligPoints. Do you want to deactivate your profile anyway, please contact us via this email:, and send it to us from the same email address that you have in your profile, so we are sure to deactivate the right person. Otherwise, we do nothing. Then we will manually remove your profile within two business days.

  • I have forgotten my p/w, now what?

    If you forget your password, go to the login window In the window and press 'Forgot your password' and you will securely be guided to a new password / password. Forgot the used email address, we can not help you.


  • Why do I not receive BoligMails from wanamove?

    You have certainly previously opted out of receiving BoligMails from us. You must contact us at the following email:, and we will update your profile so that you continue receiving our BoligMails

  • How do I stop BoligMails from wanamove?

    When you receive BoligMails from wanamove, you will always find the link where you can opt out of future BoligMails, follow the procedure and subsequent BoligMail stops.

If you did not find the answer to your question above, then you can contact wanamove here! ApS 3081 1534