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Read about the apartments by scrolling and clicking the presentations on the right


If you find what you are looking for, click on the "application" and we guide you


The owner chooses and we contact the ‘winner’ directly via email and text

Move in

Viewing and agreement on the lease contract, and the rental is yours

The housing market is chaotic

And wanamove wants to help you and the landlord.

Fee, 40, - DKK, is never lost

No committing subscriptions. You are searching for free, and only pay when you apply.

Each application gives BoligPoints

wanamove records all your applications and BoligPoints. You are kept informed.

Waiting List (Venteliste)

The more points, the higher on the list, and the closer to an apartment.

Housing within 6 months

The top10 list will very likely be offered housing within about 6 months

The search process

Closed by a final lease, typically 3-4 weeks after the application period.

Landlord Contact

wanamove provides the contact to the landlord, who alone makes the final choice.

Insurance – your safety

wanamove is insured and protects your deposits and prepaid rent.

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